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The elongated hills consist of glacial till that form near the lower ends of glaciers where the ice is thin.

The hills are oriented parallel to the movement of the ice with the higher blunt end facing into the glacial movement and the thin tails trailing off in the downflow direction.

Rugged peaks ranging in elevation from 6000-8700 feet overlook the valley bottom.

Almost ½ million acres of National Forest lands offer a full range of year-round recreational opportunities.

Montana’s colorful history includes the stories told through geology.

Since 2006, the Montana Department of Transportation has installed nearly 50 roadside geological markers.

Approximately 400 miles of trail are available to the hiker, hunter, and stock user to access various lakes and scenic viewpoints.

This gigantic rift valley stretches all the way from the British Columbia-Yukon border south to the St. The high mountains on both sides of the trench are composed of Precambrian sedimentary rocks that were deposited in an inland sea more than 1.4 billion years ago.

But the mountains themselves did not begin forming until about 110 million years ago when the North American tectonic plate overrode the Pacific plate far to the west.

This collision shoved enormous pieces of the earth’s crust eastward, where they rode up and over the rocks to the east along thrust faults and stacked up “like shingles on a roof” to create the Rocky Mountains.

Then, about 55 million years ago, the tectonic setting changed and the earth’s crust in this region began to pull apart, reversing the movement on some of the “shingles” and dropping them back down along normal faults.

The rounded hills along the highway north of Eureka are called drumlins.

[ BACK TO TOP ] In 1912 Smithsonian geologist Eugene Stebinger and paleontologist Charles Gilmore came to Blackfeet Country looking for dinosaur remains.

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