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Each of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet are denoted a numerological value.

The relation follows that aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet corresponds to The Magician, numbered as I of the Trump cards and so forth as The Devil card number is XV and corresponds to the Hebrew letter ayin, which is the fifteenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

The placement of the cards, as outlined above is the key to divining from the Tarot, the order of which is to answer a question divined upon by the holder of the cards, be them warnings, premonitions, expectations, decisions, etc, via the symbology within the cards and their order.

Within the Holy Wood artwork however, there is no question that has been asked, only the presentation of an answer via the placement of the cards which must be pieced together through their order and elements within.

My interest in alchemy had besidesinfiltrated itself already in 'Mechanical Animals' through an indirect way, because when you mix the title's letters you get "Marilyn Manson is an Alchemical Man".

In folding the artwork inward in this manner, rolling up the booklet, Manson's photo which wears the monkey fur and Tau cross will appear directly next to the Emperor card, fold again and Ginger Fish's band photo will be present at the right of the Hermit card, and following throughout the rest of the booklet, John 5's photo to the Fool card, M. Gacy to the Justice card, Twiggy Ramirez to the High Priestess and lastly the Hierophant card will correspond next to the Death card, the first and last cards within the booklet.

By folding the Holy Wood booklet inward (for example, the Magician folding face down upon the Devil card) the photos of the band will fall to the right of the Tarot Trump cards depicting each band member respectively, until lastly the Death and Hierophant cards, the first and last cards within the Holy Wood booklet are side-by-side.

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