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All data is stored on highly protected databases, which are amongst the best software available today for secure software transactions.However, visitors should note that while Web Dev Ltd makes all reasonable efforts to protect subscribers’ privacy, subscribers should be aware that information disclosed while connected to the Internet is transferred to the Web Dev Ltd servers over a publicly available telecommunications network.We confirm that all personal data collected and stored by us is held in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 19.Like most E-commerce Websites, each time you visit the Site, we automatically collect your IP Address on the web page from which you came.We may process personal and non-personal data to provide the Services.Where personal data is collected in a third country but processed and held on our servers in Ireland in order for Web Dev Ltd to provide the service for which subscribers have subscribed, please note that any transfer of such data will only be such as is necessary for Web Dev Ltd to perform the contract to which the subscriber is party.We use the information provided by you in order to offer you the service for which you have subscribed.

Information we collect from you on registration and during your membership of the Site is used for administrative purposes and to provide you with the Web Dev Ltd dating service.These "Direct Communications" to you may also contain commercial messages e.g. "Direct Communications" are an obligatory part of the functioning of this website and receipt of these is a function of Site membership.We use a third-party advertising company to serve ads when you receive “Direct Communications”.Thus, this is a private email system which allows you to communicate without having to give your email address to others.The personal profiles that are posted on the Site are available to all visitors not just subscribers to the service.If you wish to disable these cookies, the "help" section of your browser will tell you how but this will affect your access to some sections of the Site as you will only be able to browse the Site but will be unable to log on. Web Dev Ltd only requests information that it is necessary in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you in providing the service for which you have subscribed and providing introductions to other interested members.

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