Carbon dating accurate reliable


Douglass passed away just two years after Libby received the Nobel Prize for his work in 1960.

It took just short of 10 years for the Ancient Greeks to build the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Charles Darwin spent just five weeks in the Galapagos, a voyage without which he would have never written On the Origin of Species.

Fifty, 20, or 100 years is a lot of time, wherein a lot can happen.

Fifty years is the difference between Alexander Graham Bell's telephone and television.

"Every year the trees in our forests show the swing of Time's pendulum and put down a mark.

They are chronographs, recording clocks, by which the succeeding seasons are set down through definite imprints," he wrote in the pages of National Geographic.

The first single-celled organisms on Earth did not appear until about a billion years later.

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