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Jamaican folk music is also said to have its origin in West Africa.Other forms of music include Jazz, which is becoming more recognized in Jamaica, Rock Steady, Ska, Mento, Dub and, more recently, Dancehall and Ragga all originated in the island's vibrant popular urban recording industry.Early folk dance was usually associated to the Christian religious celebrations or holidays.Jamaican dance is a unique mixture of the styles of the Europeans and Africans.Almost thirty different forms of Jamaican dance sequence have been identified.Some of the local dances are the 'Jonkonnu', 'Bruckins', 'Etu', 'Quadrille' and the 'Maypole'.Performances were carried both by professional touring companies and amateur groups.

The Jewish synagogues in Jamaica also date back to the 17th century Jamaica is the home of many famous literary personalities.

Thought the use of Patois severely limits the potential audience for the otherwise universal Jamaican message, for a world wide audience English is preferred.

The famous James Bond novels were written in Jamaica by Ian Fleming.

Though a small nation, Jamaica is rich in art and culture with a strong global presence.

Nowhere else on earth will one find a culture so dynamic with a rich blend of Jamaican roots that have inhabited the island for ages.

Nobel laureate Derek Walcott attended his college in Jamaica.

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