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By measuring these mutations in a representative population of living men, Dorit said, "it is possible to calculate backward in time to a point where all humans shared the Same male ancestor."Mexico has between 8 to 10 million Indians divided into 56 recognized ethnic and language groups and speak daily over 100 different dialects, although some are spoken by only a few people.

Some groups, such as the Nashuas, Mayas, Zapotecs and Mixtecs, number in the hundred thousands and dominate the population of entire regions of the country, though they are often fragmented into small communities.

This is not only for social and public correctness, but for our youth who have a desire to be proud of their ancestors.

Positive visibility of their heritage, their history, their ancestor's accomplishments and contributions to humanity - these need to be revealed in a public manner.

S., 1636 Spanish Sea Trade, 1638 Honduras, 1674 Dangerous Sea Trade, 1715 Connecting with Texas Indians, 1717 Banking, Texas Style,1734 Crown of the Andes,1750s Hispanic Inventor, 1773 Spain's Role in the American Revolution Count Bernardo de Glvez, 1779 Hispanics in Hawaii,1794 Historic Bell of Los Angeles, 1820 Pablo Tac, 1841 Sister Mary Domnica Arguello, 1851 Santa Anna and Chewing Gum, 1860 The Basque, 1860s Elfego Baca, New Mexico Gunfighter,1865 David Belasco, Theater 1880s Monterey Jack Cheese, 1890s Fraudulent Land Claims, 1895 Cuban Hospitals and Doctors, 1902 A Pancho Villa Story, 1912 Filipino World War II Vets, 1941 Genealogy, the study of one's family history is one of the most popular hobbies in America today. From Mayan steps to Egyptian tombs, from the Bible's Genesis to the European kings, records have been kept in one form or another throughout the world.

Records for purposes of land and property rights were needed to insure the passing of one's wealth to one's posterity.

Suffering from a defective immune system, Ashie's immune system was altered by gene therapy.At the very minimal level of promoting Hispanic Heritage Month, if two essays were used on each of the 20 days, it would amount to only one hour of recognition for Hispanic contributions during the season - but with minimal preparation time for the classroom teacher.However, the classroom teacher can strengthen the intent of the celebration by using the two questions that precede each of the articles for a the articles into the prescribed, mandated curriculum.Other Grijalvas, such as Sebastian de Grijalva, 1520, and Hernando de Grijalva, 1533, were adventurers too.The search to understand his personal history has been an adventure for researcher, Edward Grijalva.One third grade classroom teacher allowed each of her students to select one of the articles and tape-record it.

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