Horney aunties

Every so often, you'll be faced with a decision, and the outcome of the game will depend on your choice. CHARACTERS =-==--===-=---=---=--==--=-==-=--==-=-=-=--=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-===-=-== Yukari Fujisawa --------------- Yukari's a pretty normal guy, regardless of his purportedly feminine looks. Taking the role of our hero, it's up to you to navigate through this command selection adventure game. =--=-=-=-=--===---=-==-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==--==--===-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--==- ii. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS =--=-=-=-=--===---=-==-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==--==--===-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--==- Straight from the back of the box, here are the system requirements: Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP/Me/98/2000 Mouse(or other pointing device) Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements -------------------- ------------------------ CPU Pentium II/ 233MHz Pentium II/ 300MHz Memory 32 MB or higher 64 MB or higher Display 640 X 480 High Color 640 x 480 True Color(24-32 bit) CD-ROM 8X or higher 12X or higher Sound --- MIDI, Direct Sound -=-===-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=---=-==-==--== iii. Botamochi Tanaka -=-=-=-=-==--==-=---==-=-=-=-=--==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--==-=-=-==-=-=-=-- v. WALKTHROUGH =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-==-=--=-====--= Do You Like Horny Bunnies? In fact, the first few times you play though it, everything should seem like it's going well, until you suddenly get a bad ending and are transported back to the title screen. If that happens one too many times, these instructions can help you reach your goal.

Masahiro Yamane Animation Artist ............................... Masahiro Yamane Fumin Takayama ---------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- ---- ---------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- *Voice information does not appear in the credits.* ---------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- ---- ---------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- Music ...............................

Cursed with a small build and cute face, the high school senior has often been mistaken for a girl throughout his life.

Hiromi Yanagi ------------- Sae's best friend seems like the least likely type of person to work in a bunny uniform.

=========================^============================^======================== Do You Like Horny Bunnies? (PC) Copyright 2003 by Zy X and Walkthrough by Ben Woodhouse shaky_mercury(at)yahoocom May / 20 / 2005 Version 1.10 =========================^============================^======================== ******************************CONTENT DISCLAIMER******************************* Do You Like Horny Bunnies? Even so, he hasn't been able to land himself a girlfriend yet, but hopefully that will change at Platinum!

is an adult bishoujo game, meaning it contains sex. Sae Ishigami ------------ As Yukari's cousin, Sae used to hang out with him all the time.

******************************************************************************* G-Collections offers a wide selection of bishoujo games! She's confident and beautiful, but she's developed in some indecent ways as well, and she can't wait to show him those, either.

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