Surviving high school dating raven guide


If it had had a more unique storyline than just revisiting high school and re-presenting personality stereotypes from movies like Mean Girls, it might have had more of a hook -- but I don't know that anyone should spend eight bucks to turn back the clock here, because we can all just draw on our own traumatic memories of those years for free.

Or, if you're younger and still in school, just go insult the nearest jock and try to steal his girlfriend.

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Or will you focus on your studies, aligning yourself with Centerscore's nerd corps?Dating becomes a focus no matter which path you choose, as all games in this genre do -- unfortunately, this is where Surviving High School also reveals its lack of depth.There are only two possible girls to date -- Beth, the cheerleader, or Raven, the goth chick.And while it might be a fair first step into the dialogue-heavy, gameplay-lite genre for DSi owners, its subject matter leaves a little something to be desired -- because, well, most all of us have had enough high school drama in our real lives to need a second dose of it virtually.Surviving High School places you in the role of a new student at Centerscore High. and everyone loves you except for howard's two sisters.

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